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Store | Suppressors |  Silencer Co. Osprey 9mm, 40cal & .45 cal

 The 9 Osprey is truly revolutionary due to it’s suppression level is that of many suppressed 22 long rifles. The 9 Osprey is the most effective 9mm silencer in the marketplace. With its revolutionary eccentric design Silencerco was able to achieve incredible sound suppression without compromising the sight picture of the shooters host weapon. The 9 Osprey’s slim form has the ability to be holstered while still attached to the host weapon. The 9 Osprey has a patent pending cam lock mounting system that allows it to be realigned after mounted to the host weapon for proper orientation. The Osprey’s cosmetic appearance was inspired by common host weapons which make the 9 Osprey look like an extension of the host weapon.

The 9 Osprey has the ability to interchange pistons which allows it to be attached to multiple host weapons and has a Nielsen device that is integrated with its innovative Cam Lock mounting system for semi-automatic use on all relevant host pistols.

Not only does the Osprey have incredible sound reduction, one of a kind good looks, and unique features that allow it to stand apart in the industry, it also is very affordable. Like all Silencerco products, the Osprey has a lifetime warranty. Available in 9mm, 40, and 45

MSRP: $849.95




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