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STORE | SUPPRESSORS | Adavanced ArmamentCorp. | Evolution 45

Weight: 11.2 oz
Length: 7.75"
Diameter: 1.38"
Finish: T3 Hard Coat & SCARmor™
Sound Reduction: 35dB (H2O)
Mount: Thread Materials: 6061-T6, 7075-T6, & 17-4PH
MSRP: $ 650

The EVOLUTION 45 is a high-performance sound and flash suppressor designed for use on .45 ACP semi-automatic handguns. As with all members of the EVOLUTION family, the EVOLUTION 45 stands head and shoulders above the "competition" because it incorporates the A.S.A.P. System. Essentially a "product-perfected" Nielsen device, the A.S.A.P. System enables traditionally recalcitrant Browning inspired handgun designs to function reliably by temporarily relieving the host firearm of the weight-burden of the suppressor. When an EVOLUTION 45 equipped weapon is discharged, high-pressure gasses enter the suppressor body and propel it forward against the tension of the A.S.A.P. System driving spring. While the majority of the suppressor's mass is in this "floating" condition, the host weapon's firing cycle is able to proceed unhampered. The driving spring within the A.S.A.P. System returns the suppressor to it's unfired state, ready for subsequent shots. This sequence of events takes place so quickly, the shooter is unaware it has occurred.

Unlike the add-on, accessory Nielsen modules marketed by other manufacturers, the A.S.A.P. System is fully integrated into the design of the EVOLUTION 45. This has the dual benefit of giving the suppressor a streamline, uncluttered appearance, and enabling the EVOLUTION 45 to deliver class-leading sound suppression.

The EVOLUTION 45 is the only answer when .45 caliber projectiles need to be delivered with minimal sound and flash. It is the ultimate accessory for popular .45 caliber semiautomatic handguns from Sig/Sauer, Glock, Heckler and Koch, Springfield Armory, and others. For weapons with fixed, non-moving barrels, an accessory spacer is available to ensure reliable and safe operation.

The EVOLUTION 45 is constructed of Type III hardcoat anodized, aerospace quality aluminum alloy and oxide coated stainless steel that has been heat treated to exacting standards.

Price: $599.00

Evo45 .45 caliber Silencer EVO45 Advanced Armament .45 caliber Silencer

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