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The Continuing Evolution of the 1911
STI Texican Revolver
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The introduction of this high quality revolver will revolutionize the firearms industry. The STI Texican is the first firearm of any type made using ultra-high speed precision machining. Unlike conventional CNC machining, the surfaces of the finished parts are perfectly smooth and straight; they do not require grinding or polishing, so there are no rounded edges, no distorted screw holes. Flat surfaces are flat, not wavy. The result: perfection.

Proudly made in the USA, the Texican sets itself apart from the other single action revolvers. All Texican parts are either ultra-high speed or electron discharge machined from chrome-moly steel forgings or bar stock (no castings) to dimensions measured in tenths ( ten thousands of an inch), then precisely installed, achieving an exactness of fit and smoothness of function not found in custom revolvers at twice the price of the Texican.

The new Texican will find itself at home shooting popular cowboy action loads, but when called upon is fully capable of safely shooting factory ammunition, due to the high quality materials used in manufacturing and the precision alignment of the chamber throats to the bore center of barrel. Competition sights, springs, triggers and hammers eliminate the trip to your gunsmith you might expect with other single action revolvers. Classic features like color case hardening and bluing help to maintain the original look that is desirable in the traditional single action revolver.

Price: $1299.00
Product Details
MSRP $1,299.00
Caliber .45 L.C. (Long Colt)
Capacity 6 Rounds
Frame Frame, back strap, loading gate, trigger guard, cylinders: 4140 re-sulphurized Maxell 3.5. Surfaces all flat with 6 micron or better finish.
Grip "No crack" polymer
Barrel 4140 Chrome Moly steel by Green Mountain Barrels. 1:16 twist, Air Gauged to .0002"
Barrel Length Currently Available in 5 1/2" (More lengths TBA)
Barrel Bore .451"
Cylinder Bore .452"
Chamber to Bore Alignment Less than .001"
Forcing Cone Angle Three (3) degrees
Cylinder Gap .003"
Internal Parts 4140 CM steel, precisely Electron Discharge Machined
Hammer Spring Leaf with central spine slot
Pawl Spring "Free floating" leaf with 3-4X competition life
Firing Pin Hammer Firing Pin (no transfer bar)
Sights Front Fixed, Rear Fixed
Overall Length 11"
Weight 36.0 oz.
Finish Frames, loading gates, and hammers are Color Case Hardened by Turnbull Restoration
Miscellaneous Unique pawl rides on fixed pivot
Front sight is adjusted for no side deviation
Front sight has enough material to adjust for reloaded ammunition
Competition ready. No tuning required
Competition Approvals S.A.S.S. (Single Action Shooting Society)



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