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The Continuing Evolution of the 1911
STI Edge
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Edge: A margin of superiority; an advantage
-American Heritage Dictionary

Integrating patented 2011 technology with classic 1911 design, the STI International Edge is a high capacity pistol that carries John Browning's design into the 21st Century.

Since its introduction in late 1997, the STI Edge has become the undisputed standard for USPSA/IPSC Limited Division competition shooting as demonstrated by Michael Voigt and Frank Garcia finishing one/two as they led the US IPSC Limited Team to victory at World Shoot XII. It has been adopted by SWAT teams, HRT teams, street cops, and law enforcement training sites. It has been embraced by almost all other shooting disciplines.

Built on the patented modular steel frame with polymer grip, the Edge delivers the traditional features of a 1911 and allows the added benefit of high capacity magazines. The innovative frame design preserves the 17 angle of the grip in relation to the slide, original to the 1911. The essential design element for high capacity, the polymer grip, allows for double stack magazines without over-sizing the circumference of the grip, which remains comparatively the same as the circumference of a 1911.

True to 1911 tradition, the Edge has a unique full length slide with front and rear cocking serrations, STI dovetail front sight and STI adjustable rear sight. The Edge comes standard with features such as a stainless steel STI knuckle relief hi-ride grip safety and stainless steel STI ambi-thumb safeties. It comes with an STI stainless steel fully supported, ramped bull barrel. You can add custom serial numbers, colored grips and triggers, hard chrome, engraving inlays and fiber optic or tritium sights. Not only is it the most accurate and reliable handgun on the market, it can now be one of the most beautiful. Available calibers are 9mm, .38 Super, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.


Add Hard Chrome: $300.00

Color Inlay: $68.00

Add Custom Serial Number: $37.50

Add Colored Grip w/ matching Trigger: $60.00

Add Dawson Fiber Optic Front Sight, .100" wide: $39.00

Add STI Adjustable, Tritium Sights (3 dot): $80

Add Drilled & Tapped Mag Release: $15

Add D/T Mag Release and Oversize Button: $37.50

Add Stainless Mag Well: $79.50

Product Details
MSRP $1,994.00
Caliber 9 m.m., .38 Super, .40 S&W, .45ACP
Frame STI Patented Modular Steel, Long Wide
Grip STI Patented Modular Polymer with Aluminum Mag well
Slide Unique w/ Front and Rear Serrations
Trigger Long Curved
Barrel STI fully supported, ramped bull barrel
Safeties Stainless STI Grip and Ambi sided thumb
Guide Rod STI RecoilMaster
Sights STI Front w/ STI Adjustable Rear
Overall Length 8-5/8"
Height 5.6"
Weight 38.5 oz.
Finish Blue
Competition Approvals IPSC, USPSA
Hard Chrome $300.00
Color Inlay $68.00
Custom Serial Number $37.50
Colored Grip w/ matching trigger $60.00
Dawson Fiber Optic Front Sight,  .100" wide $39.00
STI Adjustable, Tritium Sights (3 dot) $80.00
Drilled & Tapped Mag Release $15.00
D/T Mag Release and Oversize Button $37.50
Stainless Mag Well $79.50
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